How can you present important information about a sport, in a compelling way, without overwhelming the viewer? Take a look at the X-Fighters About page which does a great job of displaying facts, statistics and videos about the freestyle motocross championship.


The X-Fighters About page is split into several sections:

  • A standard page header
  • A tab bar allowing the user to navigate to each section
  • "What is Red Bull X-Fighters?" - An overview of X-Fighters, with a custom styled list displaying statistics. This is a standard Article and Video
  • "2015 World Tour" - The current season events; this will automatically update when a new season is launched
  • "2015 Red Bull X-Fighters Jams" - An overview of X-Fighters Jams
  • "Tricks" - Explains X-Fighters tricks. This is a standard video
  • "Bike" - Information about the bike, with an embedded Iframe
  • "Rules" - The introduction is an article, with a number of videos explaining in detail all about X-Fighters Rules
  • "History" - A Standard video that runs through the last 50 X-Fighters events.


So, a lot of information, but not overwhelming due to the room that the content has to breathe, plus intuitive navigation.

CMS Updates

Although the page has been set up with these articles and videos, it has been configured so that the articles and videos can contain any other content, not just the content currently displayed on the page, simply by updating the relevant articles or videos in the CMS.

This means that the About page can easily be used on other sites, requiring only styling updates.

To view the X-Fighters About page, visit: