For some time now, a number of Red Bull platform sites have had a ‘ticket outlet’ type of content in the CMS. These ticket outlets feature such details as a logo, link (usually to an external site where tickets can be purchased) and other important details. They can even be tailored and assigned to specific geographic locales.

Ticket outlet items are linked to events in the CMS using our standard ‘related content’ field, so the correct outlets can easily be linked to the right events and readily reviewed and updated when necessary.

Details of the ticket outlets are shown in various key places on the website, as highlighted by the screenshots below.

We were finding that as tickets were becoming unavailable at each outlet, there was the potential for confusion for people looking to buy tickets and an onus on the content editors to update the contents of the related ticket outlet fields to remove sold out outlets. To make this a quicker process for the editors, and to better inform people viewing the website, we have added new controls to the CMS on a new ‘tickets’ tab on the CMS ‘event’ content type.

Using this new tab, an event can be marked as ‘Tickets Sold Out’ by a simple checkbox. To take this further though, there is also a field which allows HTML markup (including imagery) to be entered by the editors and that will be displayed in key places on the website. This WYSIWYG field also includes a summary, so that a briefer version of the message can be entered, and used where space is limited on the website - for example in some of the ‘widget’ elements.

Further advances to the ticket outlets are planned for 2016, so we will be adding more news as this great functionality continues to evolve and improve for editors and users alike.