One of the most exciting pleasures of working on the Red Bull platform is being able to make a real difference to User Experience, not just for one website but often across several, with a single codebase update. 

Many approaches to the topic of website search do not distinguish between different types of content, and it’s sometimes just not clear how relevant a result might be to what you are looking for - or even what sort of page you will find yourself on. With our new search results functionality, it’s as easy as pressing a button, whether you wish to see Articles, Photos, or Video results.

With this in mind, besides the immediate appeal of the way our new search is presented, it is designed first and foremost to better surface and improve access to very different types of content from across each site quickly, from any page. All of this is done in a manner that is specific to the visitor’s language and whether you are browsing from a desktop or mobile device, ensuring that only the most appropriate results are shown.

The search leverages the power of Google’s renowned site search API in order to search, filter, and sort matching results in a fast and stylish results layout, featuring lead imagery and themes tailored to each site.        

Using Google’s API for these features was made possible through structuring and adding of ‘Page Map’ metadata across the site - metadata that allows the results to be categorised by the types of content that are relevant to the website structure and backend CMS, for example photos, videos and articles, appropriate device and language.

Not only is this great to look at and use, but we have also accounted for a level of customisable configuration for each site so that the search results are finely tuned to the specific site and most importantly, the audience.