The Red Bull Platform CMS has always been very open ended and customisable by Blueleaf, in order to suit the specific needs of each website. This is particularly important when it comes to making it easy for content editors to enter certain types of content efficiently in large volumes while at the same time making that content really easy for people to find and enjoy.

When the Red Bull Air Race  website was updated in 2015, a sophisticated ‘Pilot Quotes’ widget was developed. This widget can display multiple quotes from an unlimited number of pilots, and can be placed in relevant and prime positions throughout the site.

It’s really easy to put the quotes into the CMS so that they appear in the widget too. The screenshots above and below show how each quote can quickly be added and related to an existing pilot, so that their name and profile image which are already in the CMS can be retrieved and shown next to their insightful words. 


The order of each of the pilot’s quotes can be rearranged too - it’s just a case of drag-and-drop - so that the most relevant quotes can be highlighted when required. The order in which the pilots appear in the widget can be customised too, making this a really versatile tool.


It’s not only Air Race though where we capture quotes from the team and racers on the track. Both Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso feature an attractive ‘Quote’ content type that can be shown alongside the galleries, videos, and articles on the homepage content grids. These quotes can be attributed to a member of the team in the CMS, and really add an extra dimension - a personal and ‘human’ touch - to the content that’s shown.