The way that we choose to experience digital media is always evolving. Thinking particularly about social media, streaming video and countless other digital tie-ins to real world events, these are more than prevalent in 2015; they are generally essential and an expected facet of the event experience.

It’s quite typical to be watching a video stream while checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram on your mobile device, or viewing live results on a website to get all of the inside info, background and trying more than ever to really feel like part of the action.

With so much information and content available to absorb and interact with across the various devices that are practically part of the furniture - tablets, mobile phones, laptops and more recently even smart TVs - it can be difficult to keep up though! 

The more that can be done to bring content together in one place, the better for the viewer, and that’s the thinking behind our ‘Live Page’ event functionality.

Blueleaf designed and implemented the 'Live Page' concept, putting the viewer right at the heart of what’s happening. Even with events happening thousands of miles away, the sense of engagement provided by our live page has made this concept really popular.

Bringing together live video, a live blog and an up-to-the-moment social feed (covering Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), along with the comments and imagery that each add to the show, in a neat and responsive view makes it easy to keep up, and encourages everyone to participate in the unfolding action and commentary. 
The 'Live Page' concept goes even further than just engagement: Our 'Live Page' puts the viewer right in control of what’s displayed too. The ‘Multiscreen’ view can show streaming video, the live blog and a social feed clearly, side by side and in full. The experience can be refined even further - each element can be toggled on and off to make the best use of the page by the viewer. There’s also a mobile-optimised version of the 'Live Page', to make sure that the most fitting experience is available.  

Elements of the 'Live Page' experience can also be shown on pages relating to the specific event, and alongside our presentation of event results live on the site. So it’s easier than ever to get sucked into the event atmosphere and to experience a site that really comes to life when an event is happening.

The Event's Live Blog, shown in-situ on the relevant event page once the event is complete

The Event's Live Blog, shown in-situ on the relevant event page once the event is complete