The X-Fighters website design has included homepage 'Featured Content' items for some time now. These items can be fully managed from within the CMS, and appear in a vertical list next to the homepage lead item - super visible and right in a visitor’s field of view.

The original Homepage 'Featured Content', highlighted on the Red Bull X-Fighters website

As part of Blueleaf’s ever present strategy of reusing the best functionality wherever possible, and providing proven solutions across the platform, this facility has also been included in the recent updates to the Crashed Ice website and will also be making an appearance in the Cliff Diving website in 2016.

Beyond this goal though, we are equally keen on always improving and evolving functionality. We have therefore extended the original homepage 'Featured Content' facility to include an extra ‘Featured Content Bar’ that runs horizontally across the homepage, containing a further 3 items of content.

The presentation of all homepage 'Featured Content' can be customised to make sure that eye catching and appropriate imagery is shown; and this can be different imagery to that featured on the target page. The featured content item will always link to an exact URL, specified in the CMS - that URL can even be external to the site itself, making it easy to target any online information including any external resources, promotions, or campaigns.

The Homepage 'Featured Content' and 'Featured Content Bar' are easy to manage in the CMS

The Homepage 'Featured Content' and 'Featured Content Bar' are easy to manage in the CMS

All homepage 'Featured Content' is automatically sorted by date so that the most recently added items are shown in the correct order, as soon as possible after they are published. Targeting the new homepage 'Featured Content Bar' is as easy as just ticking a checkbox in the CMS too - great news for editors as there is next to no additional set-up for this intuitive new feature!