Event Highlights Widget

The Event Highlights Widget allows you to curate a number of videos (from 1 to 5), with one main video, for each event.

The Cliff Diving editors here have selected five videos to highlight the Polignano event. Clicking the play icon on the lead video will play it in place, or you can watch it full screen:

Clicking on any of the other videos will replace them in the lead slot, providing a compact, easy to use widget for promoting video content. 

Here's a slightly different implementation for X-Fighters, showing 3 videos that have been added to the video gallery:

Setup in the CMS is easy; create a new Video Gallery content item, and simply add your videos to the video set, selecting one to be the lead video:

Then just relate the Video Gallery to the Event, and you're set.

The Event Highlights Widget is currently in use on Cliff Diving and X-Fighters, and is coming soon to Crashed Ice.