Formula 1 racing has always been a loud and exciting sport, not to mention a very visual and photogenic one. Wallpaper images have been very popular, for almost as long as there have been computers! A recent project for Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso has brought these two elements together - making some excellent F1 photography available to fans worldwide, in a multi-lingual, multi-device, and easy to administer way.

Visit or and you'll see the new and very attractive 'Downloads' pages, showcasing some very cool F1 photos.

Perhaps it's the desire to customise gadgets and computers, or the fact that most people can always just appreciate a great image, but providing high quality wallpapers also gives people a great way to identify with something that they are passionate about at a personal level, and show their commitment.

That said, we are now so far away from the days when people typically needed one of only a few sizes for their wallpapers - these days, options range from high resolution retina screens, multiple aspect ratios and pixel densities, across desktops, tablets, phones, and even other devices such as Smart TVs. It was therefore important that we consider both the website visitors' and the content editors' needs here and made it easy to upload and download a range of image options.

The solution that we have implemented is really easy to use from both sides. Available downloads (each has an availability date range in the CMS as well as the typical 'published' option) show on selecting a download which sizes are available. Downloading the image to your device is as simple as selecting the right version in the dropdown and pressing the download button. Popups and dialogue boxes are as minimal as possible if any appear at all (not all devices work the same way sadly), so the page does not come between the user and their desired image.

On the admin side, we use a 'field collection' user interface element to simultaneously add or 'upload' many images to one item in the CMS, making it very quick to add multiple images in one go.

Because the downloads page supports as many downloadable wallpapers as are available, via a simple and attractive grid, we've made it easy to highlight new or particularly exciting images by including a 'featured download' panel. This is easy to control in the CMS by just adding the 'Featured Download' tag when setting the wallpaper up. Any wallpaper can be chosen and previewed 'full screen' from the featured download panel in order to take a closer look.

We even included support for multiple languages so wherever people are around the world, the download page offers a friendly and experience - as well as some truly stunning and atmospheric moments from Formula 1!