The homepage, ‘News’ page, and 'Event' pages are among the most important pages on the Red Bull Air Race website. This is particularly true during an event, when people browsing the website are looking for relevant and interesting content to accompany the action.

One aspect of the Air Race 2015 build was the implementation of a new ‘banner’ content type in the CMS. An unlimited number of banners can be created for use on the site and each can be customised with its own image, and a number of lines of text in various styles. The text and images can be used in any combination to give each banner a well tailored appearance.

Each banner can target a link to onsite or external content when clicked, and whether to do so in a new window or not is also available. This enhances the flexibility of this content type even further when combined with the freedom to enter specific text for the link itself.

Perhaps most importantly though is the concept of ‘slot’ number for each banner. The use of ‘slots’ is a common approach within the Red Bull Platform CMS environments. Each slot represents a position on a particular page of the front end website, meaning that in a very open ended way, the banners can be made as very specific to the page they are featured on, as needed.

Finally, to save the editor some time, several banner sizes can be chosen from. Each banner item can span the whole content area across 3 columns, or be a double width or a single column width. For the Air Race site, Blueleaf have combined the CMS banners with content modules which already existed in the site, for example the Official Song widget, but entire grids of banner items spanning multiple rows and made up of various sized banners are also possible with some slight template code changes.