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Case studies


How Tate's ecommerce transformed

The problem

  • On an old platform (Venda)

  • Hard to find - Patronage & Donations

  • Not easy to buy tickets

  • No way of tracking customers

  • Open to fraud

  • 4 confused systems

Project phased over 18 months

  • Phase 1 - Replace existing membership and ticketing website

  • Phase 2 - Introduce eticketing

  • Phase 3 - Replace online shop and merge membership and ticketing to one solution

The solution

  • Created a unique solution due to the complex requirements:

    • Enta (tickets and membership)

    • Trilogy (ERP for shop)

    • Emarsys (emarketing)

    • Eticketing / Apple pass

    • Trustpilot

    • Channel pilot

    • In Gallery kiosks

  • Simplified to main site and shop site

  • Improved the usability significantly

  • Introduced custom prints

The results

  • 10% rise in online membership sales

  • 73% rise in tickets booked on mobile

  • 16% rise in conversion from the ticket flow to membership sales

  • 15.5% drop in bounce rate

  • 101% rise in patronage products (high value donations to Tate up to £12,000)

  • Gift Aid opt in rate rose from 54% to 95% on membership purchases

  • Massive reduction in phone calls for tickets / site problems

The applause

“Blueleaf did an excellent job understanding the complexity of this project and building solutions that integrated effectively with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and also delivered a slick user experience through a process with some unavoidable complexity. We are not confident other partners would have the skills and flexibility to do this type of work to the same standard.”

Life Style Sports - replatforming and improving instore


The problem

  • On the Venda platform - while not broken, it wasn’t improving or innovating to support their needs

  • The platform needed to be live (including Endless Aisle on instore tablets) within 6 months

  • As part of replacing the Venda platform, order management functionality was also needed to be built into the platform for go live

  • Einstein recommendations was also needed, along with implementing new middleware

The solution

  • We planned a ‘Minimum Viable Product (MVP’ project to make sure we only implemented what was necessary to get the platform live

  • Key to this project was that the platform, feature set and lessons learnt on Venda meant MVP actually meant not stepping backwards in any way.

  • We implemented light order management functionality via Customer Service Center customisations inside Business Manager

  • We implemented a full site UX process to rebuild the front end to be highly conversion and speed focused, improving speed by over 100%

  • Kiosks were also implemented instore powered by the website for a great user experience

The results

  • 46% reduction in load time for the home page

  • 30% drop in load time on the product listing pages

  • Due to the better integration with middleware, Life Style Sports can now achieve a single data view of all customers and orders from ecommerce whether it’s from tablet, kiosk or online for easy BI analysis

  • Conversion is currently up 27% based on same period last year

The applause

“All in all, a very very positive result, in fact it's actually a brilliant result.”