Welcome to Blueleaf Ivaylo.
This microsite is aimed at telling you a bit about what we do and giving you a feel for the team; who we are, how we do things and of course the benefits you can expect. We do things a little differently here and we have some rather unusual (but we hope extremely exciting) benefits, so it's worth taking a look.

People come first here at Blueleaf, genuinely; we have a very open, honest and supportive culture. You can learn more about this in the values section of this site. If you have any queries about anything you’ve read or would like to know more about Blueleaf, I’d love to hear from you - just drop me an email.


Adrian Lomas CEO


A bit about Blueleaf

Blueleaf is an award winning agency, helping retailers to integrate with the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform (previously known as Demandware).

We support mid tier retailers with great UX design, build and ongoing support, working with either retailers that are already on the Commerce Cloud Platform or looking for help to move on to the platform.

Our team has experience of working on other ecom platforms, but since becoming a Premier Partner for Commerce cloud we've focussed our full team on supporting this platform only, for several reasons - it’s a market-leading platform, with great service. We love that Commerce Cloud get involved with the account to ensure that between us all, it’s a success for the retailer.

A few keys points about Blueleaf:

  • We were established in 1999

  • We’re privately owned

  • We have our Head office in the UK

  • We have a team of 17 across Cheshire and Sofia

  • We work on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform

  • We have deep retail experience with other platforms

  • All our developers are Salesforce certified or on a personal path to certification

  • We have achieved an average score of 91% Customer Satisfaction from feedback gained from clients for the Salesforce Partner Value Score (PVS) (July 18)


Blueleaf can work with a retailer from any point










Our Trusted Partners



Our values


We believe passionately in growing a positive and powerful culture that everyone enjoys being part of. Guiding this culture are our values, which we hold very close to our heart. These values apply to us all, whether we've been here 5 years or 5 minutes.



Values & Culture

Scroll through our values below:


Where we are heading

By 1st January 2020, we are consistent and rock solid in our delivery and fuelled by continual improvement

How we are going to get there

Ensuring that we build our team, culture and insights
to produce the best services and focus above any competitor



Our clients


Our clients are our world; here's just a few
of the companies we work with.



The team


Here's a little bit about our team - who's who and what they do in the world of Blueleaf.


Adrian Lomas - Founder & CEO

Adrian's passion for effective digital marketing is matched only by his passion for great client service. A desire to create an agency that provides both, led him to establish Blueleaf in 1999 and continues to underpin everything we do. He is totally focused on growing Blueleaf to be the best digital agency in the world.

Adrian also invests significant amounts of time in helping each and every member of the Blueleaf team excel and connecting up the best people in our industry to create some very successful collaborations.


Rob Smith - CTO

Rob has been involved in digital since the industry was born. He's that rarest of animals - a techy who's as good with people as he is with technology. He has built a great depth of experience of what does and doesn't work on the web and is always on the cutting-edge of digital strategy.

Rob's focus is on building clients' businesses online, helping them identify new opportunities and income streams. He regularly advises big name brands on how to achieve maximum ROI from their digital spend.

Our team

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Working at Blueleaf comes with a set of benefits - some large and some small - that make Blueleaf a great place to work.

Scroll though a few of the benefits of working at Blueleaf:

We look forward to welcoming you to the team.