Red Bull case study

Red Bull

Creating engaging experiences
for a diverse range of Red Bull sites


Red Bull case study

Red Bull

Creating engaging experiences
for a diverse range of Red Bull sites


We run several sites for Red Bull, from Red Bull Racing Formula One Team to Red Bull Air Race. They all share a similar flavour – adrenaline-driven event sites, aimed at boosting ticket sales and live stream engagement.


We have to admit, this is pretty cool work. To be invited to tour the Formula 1 team's factory or watch the skilled pilots shoot through the Air Race gates, all the while knowing that we’re powering the digital experiences for these internationally renowned sports, is a great pleasure.



One Platform to Rule Them All

As all of our Red Bull sites are event driven, they have very specific needs. They need to change and adapt on a continual basis to cater for different seasons, events and even within individual events. As a result, Red Bull approached us with the germ of an idea. Existing platforms weren’t really set up for these needs, or the scale at which the sites need to operate. A simple admin interface was required, combined with an engaging user experience.

We settled on Drupal as a backend CMS, for its enterprise-like features and open source nature. This provided a familiar and almost ready-to-go content storage system. On top of that, we introduced a bespoke Symfony 2 system to present this content to the user, as well as to drive the logic of the whole system from event to event and everything in between.



Develop Once, Use Many Times

The shared nature of the platform means that once a component is built for one of the sites, it can be reused with small style changes on any of the other platform sites. This creates improved economies of scale for Red Bull, as opposed to running totally separate sites with different providers.



Ticket Sales

A successful event is one that’s well attended and that’s one of the goals of our sites – to sell tickets. Red Bull's local marketing teams put budget behind getting venues all packed out and it’s our job to ensure that visitors to the site can get to ticket providers quickly and easily and place their order. This is only after they have been inspired enough to go and see the event, of course.


The primary goal of the sites is to engage the visitor – read more, watch more, come back more, interact more and share more. The live streams that Red Bull provide for most events transform a static site into a place where interaction and engagement are high.

On top of that, we want to ensure there’s as much engagement as possible between events, with regular content being added so there’s always something fresh to look at prompting repeat visits.

Social Integration

In the last couple of years, we have been baking more and more social tools into the site. Gigya has been implemented for single sign-on across social networks.

This enables us to create profiles and drive greater personalisation in the future, whether that’s choosing how to consume content or how to be communicated with.

UX and Optimisation

As part of our ongoing work with the platform, we’re always looking for ways to make things better, from running heat mapping and analytics audits to speed testing and performance improvements.

Usability testing has also been performed on the site to further fuel our work on improving user experience.


The Applause

“I want to thank every one of you for your commitment, your competence and professionalism. I want to report again all the positive comments and congratulations I got from colleagues here at STR and from other digital colleagues from my previous agency in Milan, journalists, colleagues, F1 enthusiasts etc.
I am proud to be part of this team.”

Diego Mandolfo, Toro Rosso F1 Team

“Thanks so much for making this happen, a new website that we can all be proud of. Really appreciate your effort and dedication. Thanks so much Blueleaf!”

Red Bull International Communication Project Manager



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