JML case study


Class-leading, responsive ecommerce UX


JML case study


Class-leading, responsive ecommerce UX


Founded in 1986 by John Mills, JML is a household name and a global retailer selling in 70 countries worldwide, turning over almost £70 million per year. Their products can be found on every British high street and they dominate TV home shopping. They also have an ecommerce website that has grown to become an important part of their business.   

JML approached us at a period of ambitious growth, asking us to redesign their website from the ground up, to create a fully responsive, easy to use, engaging experience that reflects their brand and products perfectly. They know their customers well and have a strong identity, so we set about designing a site that would fulfil users’ needs and keep them coming back for more.



Getting to Know the User

Although JML know their customers well and why they buy their products, we wanted to see what worked and what didn’t on the existing website. We ran some user tests to observe real customers using the site, analysing the results and ensuring that the learnings made it into the brief for the new project. It’s not always right to throw the baby out with the bathwater and useful insight often comes from testing an existing site. We also looked into their analytics to build a picture of trends from a large volume of users.


Creating a User-centred Solution

As with any business or brand, JML is unique and the needs of their customers and the way they shop are subtly different to anyone else. Points of differentiation for JML include the fact that they have a wealth of product demo videos with which the brand is synonymous, their strong TV home shopping presence and a huge retail stockist network.

We began by working on their customer journeys across five different devices, an unusually high number – TV, desktop, landscape tablet, portrait tablet and mobile. TV was important as users will often see products on the home shopping channel and want to browse for them on their Smart TVs, or a secondary device such as a tablet or mobile. This also drove a requirement for the site to be easily merchandised regularly and rapidly to feature products prominently that have just been demoed on TV.

We set about creating responsive template layouts that would work equally well across all of these devices, delivering a slick experience on each. Each template was prototyped rapidly, enabling JML’s team to experience the new site and provide feedback at an early stage, simplifying the project, saving valuable time and enabling us to deliver on tight deadlines.

Product demo videos are a very important aspect of the JML website and had already been shown to increase conversion of products that feature them. We created a design that allows users to view product videos and add to bag without even leaving the homepage. Clear signposting was used to make videos prominent and encourage users to view them.

Other functionality that was weaved into the solution included free delivery over £50, scarcity messaging encouraging rapid purchase, predictive search showing product thumbnails and quick view enabling users to browse products quickly.


Reflecting the Brand

JML stressed the importance of communicating their brand effectively as it’s a key part of who they are and what differentiates them. It was crucial that we understood how they want to be perceived by their customers. They’re unashamedly bright, brash and breezy and wanted us to take a benefits-led approach to selling their products online.

Our design team worked closely with JML’s Brand Director and Head of Design to interpret their brand guidelines for the new site. We struck the right balance of creating a site that reflects their quality and value-conscious products.

We also produced a style guide for JML, detailing general components such as buttons and headings, in addition to banner and promo styles. This gave a fitting and consistent look across the site and allows JML to continue in this style post-project with their internal design team.



The Applause

“I speak for everyone here by saying we were very happy with the way the project was handled and with the end result. The interpretation of our brief and your understanding of our brand and its requirements was excellent, particularly so when considering the truncated timelines we were asking you to work to. We all feel that with this new design, we have a user experience that better reflects our brand aspirations. Thank you all again, it’s been a true pleasure.”

Kevin Dickens – Head of Design



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