We believe passionately in growing a positive and powerful culture that everyone enjoys being part of. Guiding this culture are our values, which we hold very close to our heart. These values apply to us all, whether we've been here 5 years or 5 minutes.

Values & Culture


Happy to challenge
and be challenged

Whether it's talking with clients or team members, we challenge any assumptions or status quo's, in a non-aggressive way. We're also really receptive to being challenged and take those challenges as they're meant – to get the best result for everyone.

Passionate about
the possible

It's sometimes easy to fall into the same way of doing things, over and over. We're passionate about the possible – keeping our minds open to finding new ways. We're an ideas-based business and strongly believe that anyone can have a great idea.


Humble and

In our industry, we need confidence. Confidence in our skills, experience and the results we get for clients. Confidence is no excuse for arrogance though, so it must always be balanced with humility.


We're a commercial business that's here to make a fair and justified profit from the work we do. Every team member should be commercially aware to ensure that we remain profitable and fairly rewarded by our clients for the projects on which we work so hard.

Focused on
client success

If our clients become more successful from our work, we'll be well rewarded and will continue working together. Every step we take and every decision we make towards project accomplishment must be aligned with our clients' goals.

Embrace a fun
family spirit

Agency life is varied. We'll have intense periods around deadlines, land huge clients and grow as a team of talented individuals. Along the way, we must remain a close-knit group that looks out for each other, embodying a fun, family spirit whilst delivering great results.

Collaborative and supportive
in our relationships

We have lots of relationships at Blueleaf – our team, our clients, our partners. The closer we work together, sharing possibilities and moving towards shared goals, the faster we'll gain amazing success. At times, people need support to help them through or perhaps just a sounding board for their ideas.


Progressive and driven towards personal and professional goals

We're driven individuals who want to grow both personally and professionally. Blueleaf will support the team's goals in the full knowledge that we're a progressive business, taking little steps forward every day to become an amazing agency, full of amazing people.


Virtually all major issues within an agency can be attributed to poor communication. Our aim is to communicate clearly, both internally and with our clients. Clear communication is the oil that makes everything run smoothly.


Where we are heading

By 1st January 2020, we are consistent and rock solid in our delivery and fuelled by continual improvement

How we are going to get there

Ensuring that we build our team, culture and insights
to produce the best services and focus above any competitor




We’re really proud that our work and team have long been recognised for doing well and producing great results.


Your regular meetings

GO sessions

GO stands for goals and objectives. Helping people is a passion of Adrian's so every month he sits down with us individually to help us set goals. Some goals will be work-related but not all of them. Maybe you want to run a marathon, lose a few pounds or achieve that perfect Surya Namaskar? These sessions will help you achieve it.

Monday morning meeting

Does exactly what is says on the tin - the team get together to discuss our weekends and the week ahead. Often Rob will share a financial update so we always know how the agency is doing against our targets. You'll find we're very open about agency performance at Blueleaf.