You'll soon get to know and love us (hopefully). Here's a little bit about our team - who's who and what they do in the world of Blueleaf.

Adrian Lomas - CEO

Adrian is a people person. He’s the one to go to if you need support or have ideas. Adrian also loves to use smiley faces in his communications with you.  You'll soon learn what these mean, it can be ‘great work’ or ‘yes, please action this’. Simply put, if it's smiley, it’s always positive.

Rob Smith - CTO

Rob loves figures. Ask him anything and his answer will be ‘what’s the ROI?’ Rob is to the point but you'll come to love him for it as he gets stuff done. He'll challenge you (remember our core values) but he'll also help you develop personally and make you darn good at your role.

Client team & operations

Sarah Hughes
Traffic Manager

Sarah loves running, walking and jumping up and down at gigs and festivals. When she's not out and about, she's usually found reading and enjoying some peace and quiet in the garden shed.

Verity Maybury
Head of Client Services

Verity loves the outdoors and can mostly be found up a mountain, spending time with family and friends or walking her four Chihuahuas (half rat, half dog type things). Verity is currently off enjoying time with her new baby.


Amy Hayes
Customer Success Manager

Amy has been a CSM for the past 6 years but started her career as a designer. She's also a bit of 'wanna-be farmer', when she's not organising client work you'll find her in her garden looking after her 6 chickens and Elvis the cockerel. She also likes to grow her own food but enjoys the eating part the best!


Kay Corcoran
Office Manager

When Kay's not busy organising us, she's trying to organise her daughter and husband. She also enjoys latin and ballroom dancing and is currently learning how to Lindy Hop! 


Ivan Bambov
Project Manager

Ivan has almost 20 years experience in working on different IT projects in Telecom, eComm and Software Development industries. Passionate about technology he will always be happy to help when needed. Being a sci-fi & fantasy fan, he is your guy when you need a master Jedi (or at least a padawan



Janine Evans
Finance Manager

After relocating from the hustle and bustle of London, Janine can mostly be found in a pair of hiking boots on a hill somewhere in Cheshire or North Wales with her husband and little girl tagging along.                                   






Peter Smith
Technical Architect

Peter is the office ray of sunshine. Wherever he goes happiness follows. If he's not making the office a better place he's spending time wearing matching outfits with his mini self, listening to folk music, or hiding in a tree trying to catch a glimpse of a great tufted finch.


Valentin Radev
Technical Lead

Valentin thinks of himself as a bit of a headbanger, in terms of his music tastes at least! He also takes part in various sports, liking to push himself out of his comfort zone.

Vincent Tom - 'Vinny'
SFCC Back End Developer

Vinny loves football and his team of choice is Manchester United.  He also enjoys watching other sports including Formula One, tennis and golf - the list is virtually endless, but it stops at cricket.  He usually takes a trip to NYC almost every year to buy stuff.

Angel Popov

When Angel is not testing websites, he is testing his goalkeeping abilities. He loves to play football, pool and spend time with family,  friends and his spoiled cat Lily.

Yuriy Boev
SFCC Full Stack Developer

Yuriy loves spending time with his friends and family, particularly when they are travelling together around the globe.


Aleksandar Kirilov
SFCC Full Stack Developer

Aleksandar tells us he wants to be a 'ninja with the keyboard' - we think this is related to his developing skills! When he's not developing, he loves anything related to the sea, particularly windsurfing and diving.


Ivaylo Trepetanov
SFCC Full Stack Developer

Ivo describes himself as a bit of a philosopher and can be found staring at the stars and planets trying to understand the meaning of life, our place in the universe and whether or not the answer to the greatest question is 42! He also enjoys visiting historic places, spending time with friends and playing board games.


Lachezar Tomov
SFCC Full Stack Developer

Lachezar first decided he wanted to be a developer when he discovered the game "Snake" and has spent the last 16 years working with lots of different applications and programming languages. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family, go walking or just relaxing with a good book.

Liz (1).jpg

Elizabeta Petkova

As much as Liz loves testing websites and is passionate about her QA career, her true love is the outdoors where you can find her sport kayaking, playing with drones, skiing and hiking.


Dave Wright
SFCC Front End Developer

Dave has worked as a developer for the last 7 years, running his own agency before he joined us at Blueleaf. When he's not at work, most of his spare time is taken up with his young daughter - he says he likes to talk nonsense with her so pretty much the same as being in the office then!




Chris Jones
User Experience Director

When Chris is not in work leading the UX team, he's drumming or out running, cycling or walking the dog.


Duncan Watts - 'Dunc'

Dunc lives over near Snowdon so works from home a couple of days a week and spends most of his free time with his wife and twin girls. He is not as miserable as he looks in the photo.