Instore Ecommerce


In-Store Ecommerce

The better the link between channels, the better the customer experience, leading to more revenue

If you’re a retailer with stores or any kind of bricks and mortar presence (concessions, for example), you should have a strategy in place for how your online and offline channels work together and how they will develop in the future.


Initiatives such as click & collect have grown rapidly, showing that there is still an appetite amongst consumers for the physical interaction and convenience of visiting a physical store. There’s so many opportunities to connect the two, such as:


• In-store terminals (handheld tablets or fixed kiosks)

• Scannable content to augment the store experience

• Social integration opportunities


And much more besides. Putting thinking in place now about how the two will continue to get closer together ensures you’re driving the right long-term agenda, as well as chasing short-term demands for reaching targets.



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