Design is where art meets science and the science part is understanding who your customers are and how they shop.

We like to do our homework before getting stuck into production. We want to know what you know - everything you can tell us about your customers and your business. We love to meet face-to-face for a discovery session, where we can explore your world together. We’ll also carry out the following research on a typical project:

  • Desktop research of the market and your competitors
  • Review of any previous customer research
     that you may have
  • Analytics review to determine most popular content, paths through the site and devices and screen sizes
  • Review of any other marketing materials and your brand guidelines

Once we’ve defined your customer personas, we then look at the customer journey in detail, often in a workshop alongside you. We like to cast the net wide for this and don’t restrict our work to your website alone. We want to understand how your website fits into the bigger picture. If you sell sofas for example, we want to understand a customer’s purchase journey from initial research to purchase and beyond. Where do they look for inspiration? Do they visit stores to try sitting on sofas? Do they buy in-store or are they showrooming before buying later online?
By finding the answers to these questions and many more, we’ll create a list of engaging features and functionality for your website, and make sure that your digital offering fits seamlessly with the rest of your business and with the way your customers like to shop.

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