Senior Developer - Now Filled

What the role is, what’s expected of it and what success means

The Senior Developer role is crucial to Blueleaf’s continued success. We’re growing quickly and as a result all of our clients' projects need serious technical horsepower. It’s due to this we need another senior developer to release the pressure on our current team and help clients' projects progress even faster.

As a result, we need a Senior Developer to support our Head of Development (HOD) by being an independent, advanced developer themselves allowing them to pursue separate work with the HOD’s confidence of a great conclusion. 

We’re much more interested in your attitude and your experience than your location. If you’re in the middle of Wales, the centre of London or anywhere else, we’d love to hear from you if you fit the bill below. We work very collaboratively across locations and so welcome the right, talented individuals, wherever they may be based.

What you’re accountable for

Due to the key nature of the role, you’re accountable for some cool stuff:

  • The quality and chargeability of yourself, and being deployed where your skills are the most useful

  • Fielding with intelligence and commercial nous, quotes for new functionality to existing systems and helping PMs / Strategists with new work

  • Being the second key point of contact for the rest of the development team to seek senior counsel and sound advice

  • Ensuring that our HOD can concentrate on the bespoke development priorities

While only being four points, they have a great deal of depth that make this role an exciting and autonomous one with plenty of scope.

What’s expected of you

As a Senior Developer you are expected to:

  • Live Blueleaf’s Values and actively focus on our Vision, Mission and Purpose
  • Communicate with the development team - little check-ins and if needed, more in-depth sessions
  • Check the team’s progress and help on blockers/sticky points
  • Inspire them to take the right route in key areas like code style and structure
  • To occasionally go above and beyond contracted hours in order to learn, progress and lead the team
  • Perform a high level of hands-on development, both keeping your hand in and leading techniques and skill development
  • Write technical approaches (either simple emails or full technical specs) to guide both the development team and yourself
  • To help and support our HOD

What you should expect of Blueleaf

You should also expect things from us, which are detailed below:

  • The support and time of our Head of Development
  • The support of the directors to guide and coach you to be a better leader and a better developer
  • The support of the directors, from time to time, to help you push through initiatives
  • A supportive and appropriate environment conducive to both development and Senior Developer tasks

Where you sit in the structure

You report to:           Head of Development

You are senior to:     The development team

What skills do you need?

For this role, skills are crucial and you will need:

  • Very strong working knowledge of object-oriented PHP
  • Strong knowledge of PSR-2 Coding Style
  • Very strong working knowledge of the newer PHP features such as: Closures, Generators and Array Dereferencing.
  • Very strong working knowledge of the Symfony 2 framework (strong working knowledge of Zend 2 or Laravel 4 will also be acceptable)  
  • Very strong working knowledge of dependency management via composer
  • Very strong knowledge of distributed version control systems specifically GIT
  • Working knowledge or better, of JavaScript specifically jQuery
  • Working knowledge of build tools such as Phing
  • Working knowledge of Vagrant based development environments
  • Working knowledge of deployment automation and continuous integration
  • Strong knowledge of Test Driven Development and tools like PHPUnit
  • Good English, written and spoken

What does success look like?

It’s important we have a shared vision of what success looks like for this role, outlined below:

  • A development team that is collaborative and supportive with the rest of the team, aiding our overall success
  • A happy and motivated development team
  • A happy and relieved HOD
  • Personal job satisfaction and motivation


Does this sound like you?

If so, please get in touch* with your CV at 

*Recruitment agencies need not apply