User experience (UX) has become a hot topic recently, but really it’s nothing new. Designers of all types have always focused on their users; understanding their needs and psychology first, before creating a solution that fits perfectly.

So, what is UX in relation to successful ecommerce? For the Blueleaf team, it’s taking everything we know about your customers and how they like to shop online, and turning that into class-leading experiences. In a nutshell, if your site is easy and enjoyable to buy from, people will purchase and will come back.

A proven process

Once we’ve explored customer journeys and have a wishlist of content and functionality, we’ll start work on the information architecture (IA) or structure of your site. The Blueleaf team have immense experience of taming even the biggest, most sprawling websites, knocking them into something that navigates as accurately as a NASA space probe.

Then, we set about crafting each page to within an inch of its life. This invariably starts with some Sharpies and a lot of paper, sketching our ideas quickly and throwing the rubbish away, improving iteratively. We’re experts in understanding how people like to shop online and what their motivations and trigger points are and we use this experience, plus specific learnings about your audience, to create truly effective page templates that will boost conversion. 

On most projects, the next step is to create a clickable wireframe prototype, bringing the sketches to life and allowing us to navigate around and experience the proposed new site for the first time. We’re still in an iterative design mode at this stage, looking to test, amend and refine until we reach what we know will work best.

Testing, testing, testing

How do we truly know our designs will work? We can show them to our clients, colleagues, friends and mums, but the fact is 99.9% of the time, they aren’t our target audience. At Blueleaf, we believe passionately in testing our designs on the people who will actually use them. We can carry out meaningful user testing from the sketch stage onwards, gaining insight over what works best and making improvements. Test > Iterate > Improve – it’s a winning methodology that delivers real results.

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