The psychology and science side of UX is essential in creating websites with great conversion, but what if it looks plain ugly? It might be a great site under the skin, but if it ain’t pretty, it won’t perform as well as it should.

Creating a great new site isn’t only about usability; it’s also about communicating your brand and why customers should shop with you as opposed to one of your competitors. One of our strengths is to bring brand understanding to complex digital design and build projects. We’ll want to get to know your brand, how it looks, how it sounds and how it feels, so that we can interpret it online.

Not just skin deep

There’s two sides to the design work that we create. The first is aesthetic – is it appealing, does it show off your products in the best light, does it instil confidence and quality in the minds of your customers? The second is utilitarian – does the design signpost users easily around the site, do buttons react in a meaningful way when you interact with them, does it feel right? Combining these makes for a powerful element of the overall user experience. 

We’ll typically start with the most important page of your website, creating a design concept for discussion. This sets the overall style for the site, which we then apply to each unique template. We’ll also usually work on other essential elements such as tone of voice for navigation, buttons and other copy, and photography/illustration style. 

By considering everything that your customers will come into contact with, we deliver memorable user experiences. 

Create a seamless experience for your users.
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