Platform Selection


Platform Selection

The right platform can be a powerful engine. Get it wrong and it can act as a heavy anchor.


Your digital commerce platform is key to ongoing strategies working fluidly. Your platform and its implementation can either slow down your efforts or be a catalyst to your growth. We like to make sure it’s the latter!

We’d work with you to discover your requirements, both now and for the future. There’s no point adopting a platform that is great for the short-term, but then at worst blocks, or at best significantly slows down future strategies. We’ve seen instances where the current platform doesn’t have the right capability or speed, leading to retailers adopting two different ecommerce platforms to power different areas of their business (such as international or different channels), causing significant headaches, especially for things like single customer view.

We also like to make sure we reach all the stakeholders in the business. Often, significant stakeholders such as customer service teams or even warehouse logistics are not consulted enough, leading to last minute requirements or needs that have been missed, or even just a simple lack of buy-in that can plague internal relationships for years!

The output of our work is an honest and balanced appraisal of systems, based on our knowledge and your needs.

You’ll notice elsewhere in this site that we’re Hybris partners. This is our platform of choice due to its advanced capabilities. This is not to say that it's the right platform for everybody. Hybris themselves would agree – you have to be a certain size of retailer for it to be the right solution for you. As a result, we also do platform selections for clients where Hybris is clearly not right for them.

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