Imagine we’re playing golf (even if you don’t play). There’s 18 holes and we decide to bet £1 a hole. To make it interesting we say we’ll double the bet each hole. Where do you think it will end up? Did you think the bet for the last hole would be £262,144? Probably not. That’s the power of compounding, and it’s what we’re looking to achieve with Commerce Optimisation.


Commerce Optimisation is what we call this cyclical process of iterating, improving and testing. If we make 1% improvement per week for a year, we’ll be generating £1.67 for every £1 at the start. That’s massive growth, potentially from the same traffic. So how can we get this done?


Commerce Analytics

Are you getting the most from your analytics? For most retailers, the answer is no. We can help. Whether it's dashboards, segmentation or just discovering insights, we love to dive deep.

Continuous Optimisation

A culture of testing changes to ensure uplift is essential. We can help you set up your processes, suggest tests or run the whole service from start to finish. It's a must-have for serious retailers.


Usability Audits

Consumer tastes and behaviours are always shifting. Regular qualitative and quantitative audits of your platform’s usability are essential to ongoing success for finding what analytics can't.


Over time, sites get bits and pieces of code added here and there for tracking, testing services and so on. You need to ensure your performance is up to scratch as it’s the number one conversion killer.


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