As spam filters become more and more sophisticated, you must ensure that your email marketing doesn’t fall at the first hurdle. After all, there’s no point spending lots of time and money on your campaigns if the subject headings land them straight in the junk folder. Here’s 10 tips to make sure your emails get through. Tip 1: Don’t use ‘spammy’ words like free, money, win, gift, offers

Tip 2: Avoid using lots of exclamation marks or question marks????!!!!

Tip 3: Make sure there are no spellig mistakes

Tip 4: Keep your subject lines to less than 50 characters

Tip 5: Include your company’s name in the subject so people can see who it’s from

Tip 6: Make your subject line relevant to the content

Tip 7: LOOK at this: Don’t beg for attention by saying, “Read this NOW” or “You HAVE to see this”


Tip 9: Avoid having a blank subject line

Tip 10: Test different email subjects on a proportion of your database and then send the best performer to the rest

Keeping an eye on what ends up in your junk folder can tell you a lot about what to avoid and emarketing packages often contain a spam checker facility that will show you how likely your email is to get through. Alternatively, there’s plenty of free spam checkers out there on the web.

Hope this helps you convert more through your email marketing.