Blueleaf founder and CEO Adrian Lomas shares what it's like to work at Blueleaf, discussing the culture here, how the team work together and the kind of people we're looking for to come and join our growing team. 

Over to Adrian...

Our vision

From day 1 to 16 years later, the Blueleaf story has been all about the people. This people-focus is one of the reasons we've won, and maintained, the extremely rare gold standard Investors In People award.  If myself and Managing Director Rob Smith don't inspire the team, support them, reward them and offer flexibility to support their personal lives then why should the team do anything more than exchange their time for money?

We spend so much of our lives together at work, it makes sense to make sure everyone gets along and enjoys spending time together. We all need to feel like we've made a difference when heading home at night. This can only be achieved if we know where we fit into the bigger picture and the company's purpose. Blueleaf's purpose is all about 'Inspiring Great Retail'. Every single member of the team is here to help us achieve this and we talk about our focus and discuss progress a lot as a team.

So what's it really like at Blueleaf?  

The first thing we look at when talking to a potential new Blueleafer, is will they get on with the team and as importantly, will they enjoy working here? You  can't find this out in a CV or test; it's simply down to meeting and seeing if their values match our 9 core company values.  

There's no point having outstandingly-talented people if they don't communicate or don't have a collaborative approach (2 of our values).  Clarifying our company values and being open about them has been invaluable in helping us recruit the right people - people who enjoy it here and add a great deal to the team.

Once here, we manage and nurture the team against our values.  OK let's be honest, on occasion people do leave and in most cases it's down to a mismatch in values. We're all different and enjoy different environments; we've found that being honest about our values and what we expect from day one has really helped us all work out what's working for the company, the team and the individual. 

We have several values linked around collaboration and support. Another value is to 'enjoy a fun family spirit' and we also have personal and professional goals. Because of these, we've shaped many things in the business to accommodate and support individuals. We don't have company benefits, instead we have personal benefits - generally these include:

  • Flex - a system whereby you choose the amount of annual leave you want (between 20-30 days) and the hours you work each day (around our core hours). There are also benefits around pensions, health care, bike to work schemes and much more. 
  • Monthly GO Sessions - GO stands for 'goals and objectives'. Appraisals are dead! They strike fear in people so instead we meet 1-1 and review what's needed over the next month. It's all linked to our personal goals and overall team goals.  
  • Sh&t Happens Days - You're not ill, you're not on holiday but the car has broken down or the boiler's broken. So we offer three days a year, for when the sh&t hits the fan. Take time out to sort your issues out rather than take time out of your holiday.
  • Events - we run several events, which our team can enjoy. Some involve the local digital community and some are just for the team. Either way we love sharing some food and drinks together. 
  • Profit Share - after your first full year here the team can enjoy the company success. 

Everyone makes a difference in our team.  We therefore need to inspire our team internally and by doing so we inspire externally - this links to our overriding purpose at Blueleaf, 'Inspiring Great Retail'. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, we're a growing team. So if after reading this, you're inspired to join us, you can view all our current vacancies here. It's also worth noting that we're always looking for inspiring people so if we're not currently recruiting for a role that suits you, why not drop us a note anyway. We may be recruiting for your perfect role very soon!