At the end of January 2013, Twitter launched Vine. With a similar interface to its "parent" Twitter, the app allows you to make short looping videos to share with your friends and followers. I know it sounds like it's all been done before, but not like this. After using the app, it quickly became apparent that Vine could be the next best thing since sliced bread!


Once downloaded, the app guides you through profile set-up, taking information from your Twitter account in just one tap and then gives easy instructions to help with your first Vine post. It even adds the hashtag #firstpost. You don't, however, have to be a Twitter user to start using Vine; it just takes a couple of extra taps to get you set up. You then tap to start recording, tap to stop recording and scroll to play. It couldn’t be simpler.

It's all about abbreviation

Just as Twitter is a blog in 140 characters, so Vine allows you to post 6 second videos. They can be created as one long shot or a montage of short clips which can be used to great effect with a little creative thinking. A little like this:


When would you use Vine?

The most creative posts have the highest impact;


You could play games to engage your audience:


You could create something for your "ambassadors" to share


You could demo your product or services:


You could make a big impact...


Get Vine inspiration

If you need some inspiration on how to benefit from Vine, this URL lets you search Twitter for Vine videos

You can also use the following URL to add industry-specific keywords to your search.

This article by Social Media Examiner also provides some great ideas on using Vine for business.