Now that we have email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter and a whole range of other (faceless) ways of communicating, we just don’t seem to talk much anymore. Whilst every channel has its own place and its own merit, I believe you really can’t beat having a good old conversation with someone. For me, the benefits of talking include:

  • it’s a lot easier to explain what you mean when you talk - any misunderstandings can be explained and you’re both clear about everything that’s been discussed you can establish rapport and build a relationship with someone through conversation which is difficult to do over electronic media
  • problems can be solved a lot quicker by talking about them and finding a way to move forward in agreement
  • it’s often quicker to sort things out when you talk, saving many rounds of emails in some cases
  • opportunities can come to light during a conversation that may never have materialised otherwise

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that there are times when email for example plays an important part, like if you want to have something in writing. But why not do this after you’ve spoken to them first?

This can also be extended to outside the work environment – one of the team here was talking about writing a letter over the weekend, how often do you do that? But how nice is it to receive something handwritten? I know that I would certainly appreciate receiving a letter through the post in amongst all the other mail I receive.

So I’m going to make more of an effort to pick up the phone and write letters, in between checking my email of course!