With Twitter and Facebook pretty much ruling the social media world, is it still worth employing a blog as part of your digital marketing? The short answer is yes. Blogs offer businesses an engaging, flexible space that can be quickly updated on a regular basis. Here’s a few things to consider.

Know your goals

What’s the point of your blog? To promote your business of course, but is it to establish you personally as an industry expert, to communicate your company’s ideas and opinions or do you have a strong enough customer base to ask your most loyal fans to write their own blogs, like brands such as Huggies?

Know your audience

This is essential for all marketing, not just your blog. Think about your business and the products or services it sells and who buys them. If you sell professional services to corporate companies, your blog’s content and tone of voice would be very different compared with if you sell fast moving consumer goods to the general public.

Blog on your own website

Your blog should exist as part of your own business’s website, not on a third party blogging site. This ensures that the traffic it generates (and hence search engine ranking) benefits your website and no one else’s. It also means there’s more people visiting your site and therefore more likelihood that they’ll explore other sections.

Keep at it

If you’re starting a new blog, be patient. Don’t expect to get an instant following or results for your business. The only way to build it is to contribute regularly, keep it fresh and slowly grow a following.

Advertise it

Use other channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to announce your latest posts and drive traffic.

Be yourself

Blogs should be written by individuals, not by faceless corporations. Make sure your personality and opinions shine through, but remember to keep on subject and don’t talk about anything that you don’t want your brand to be associated with.

Involve others

Company blogs work best when there’s more than one employee contributing. That way, there’s bound to be something for everyone in your blog.