Much excitement in the Jones household last week, as we needed to renew our home insurance. We'd received a renewal in the post from our existing insurer – mentioning no names, ohhh yesss – a quote of about £210, up 30% on last year, saying that it would automatically renew if they didn't hear from us. I have absolutely no brand loyalty when it comes to insurance, so I did the honourable thing and went straight on the excellent

Once logged in, it brought up last year's details (saving me the time of inputting them all again) and with a single click I had the most competitive quotes at my fingertips. Imagine my surprise when my existing insurer was shown at the top of the list (complete with annoying grinning bulldog) with a quote for exactly the same policy of £159. Even once I clicked through to the insurer's site, the price remained the same.

I called my insurer to query this disparity. The lacklustre 'Brian' at the call-centre tapped a few keys and eventually reported back that the best price he could offer for renewal was £189 and even had the gall to ask me if I wanted to pay for that there and then. I politely pointed out that by cancelling the current policy and buying it again through I'd be saving £30 so why would I buy it from him?

Brian apologised (at least he'd been taught to do that in his call-centre training) and explained that the system wouldn't let him match the price, as though that were a reasonable enough explanation.

And here lies the point. The web is a wonderful thing that is providing huge growth for millions of businesses, but if you really care about what your customers think, you must ensure your online experience matches your offline.

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