When is DIY on your website a waste of time? It’s an important point that we always discuss with clients before developing a new site; how much of their site will they want to be able to edit themselves? The immediate answer is usually, “All of it”. However, experience has shown us that it’s not always worth the financial investment required to make an entire site editable when much of your content might not change. This is especially true of many ecommerce sites.

A fully editable site will cost more to build, so you should consider how much of the site you will need to amend on a regular basis. Is it a high enough percentage to warrant a fully editable site or is it just key areas that you need under your control? It’s all about getting the best return on investment over time.

Your second consideration should be to examine your internal skill set. Do you have the resources required to update large areas of your site on a regular basis and how much experience does that team have of working with content management systems?

The bottom line is, every clients’ needs are different. Think carefully how much control you need over your site before briefing your agency and before potentially paying for functionality you don’t need.