Our CEO Adrian Lomas explains our platform of choice, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, used by many big brands to power their ecommerce operations. 

As a business, the team here at Blueleaf have worked on so many of the ecommerce platforms available, however we now only work on one - Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware, before Salesforce dipped their hands down the back of the sofa and found $2.8 billion to bring the best Commerce Cloud platform into their fold).

So why have we as a business decided to back just the one platform rather than provide a more agnostic view on the market? Simple - it means that all of our team can focus on one platform . One purpose. It means we all get to know what the tech is and therefore it eliminates single points of failure in the business. Historically we used to support 3 or 4 technical solutions, which meant if people were off, it made it much harder to cover and harder to share knowledge, with the outcome being a weaker service to our clients. Now with only one platform to work on, our team can support each other so much better, with retailers gaining the benefit of this. In fact that's our sole focus here at Blueleaf - to be the "Ultimate Commerce Cloud experience".

In the words of Clarkson.... "Some may say..." we're putting all our eggs in one basket.

And we are with regards the platform choice, but it's not a small basket. Not everyone has heard of Salesforce Commerce Cloud; many have heard of Salesforce and perhaps a few less know of Demandware. It's simply the combination of these two giants that has created the platform of choice for more than 500 retailers worldwide, with over 2,000 sites. OK, that's not too many you may think. But if you take their combined online sales they are in the Top 10 worldwide, along with Amazon and Apple.

So why would you choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud over say Magento, Shopify or one of the many others that are out there? One aspect I really love is the support that the team give. It's the first time I've been involved with a platform where they actually attend meetings with you, provide education and support and a personal success manager takes time to get to know your business rather than just sell you a platform. It's certainly a strong relationship between the retailer, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and ourselves, the team that designs, builds and supports the site for you.

The platform will not be right for all retailers; it tends to work well as you grow towards £10 million online and beyond. The business model is a shared success model as they call it, where they take a small percentage from each transaction, so it gives you the confidence they are totally interested in supporting your growth - the more the retailer grows, the more Salesforce Commerce Cloud grows. 

To get started sooner they have developed SiteGenesis, created for retailers looking to re-platform quicker and using some best practice techniques from similar retailers all packaged in one box if you like. It enables clients to leverage the powerful Commerce Cloud engine, giving them everything they need to trade from day one of launch, but allowing them to continue to develop and bespoke as required. One project we're going through right now, for DW Sports, is totally linked to the Site Genesis as a framework, whereas the work we are doing for Tate is very much more bespoke. 

There is a great marketplace available for approved technology to expand on the power of the platform. Cartridges you would expect from Paypal, Trustpilot, Amplience and many others, but there are also some smaller unknown ones that can seriously unlock potential in your business. And the wonderful thing? When they update the platform (on average 6 times a year), they guarantee not to break the code or Cartridges... plus it works... how cool is that ?

Quick Commerce Cloud Overview

  • powering more than 2,000 websites in 50+ countries

  • brands enjoy 40 - 60% higher conversion rates than with legacy platforms

  • over $16 billion worth of merchandise is sold online annually through Commerce Cloud

  • it's recognised as market leader by both Gartner and Forrester and the only vendor recognised as leader in both Digital Commerce and POS

  • automate 1:1 commerce experiences with next-generation artificial intelligence powered by Commerce Cloud Einstein

  • product recommendations - recommend the best products to any customer on any channel, even if they are shopping anonymously

  • personalised content - predict the email content and product assortments that will resonate with each customer for maximum impact

  • commerce and CRM - combined with other Salesforce clouds, Commerce Cloud becomes part of a complete customer success platform, powering everything from commerce to marketing, customer service, community, and beyond

So as you can see, here at Blueleaf we're pretty excited about having all our eggs in one basket.

If you have any questions at all, please do contact me. I'd love to chat about whether Salesforce Commerce Cloud is suitable for your business or if you want to join our award winning team to help us become the "Ultimate Commerce Cloud experience".