Adrian Tour De France

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Look, just because I've had my legs waxed I'm no professional, but I have seen a massive difference this year in my performance.

To be fair, I've not really seen an uplift in performance until this month - prior to that it just all felt the same, and was actually sometimes quite demoralising. So with 43 days left 'til I start, what's really made the difference?

Like any great achievement in life, I've set a clear goal - that's the key thing by the way. Being very very clear about what the goal is, and when it is. Without this clarity, I would never have got up in the morning, gone out when windy, snowing or raining, gone out in the dark to the cold garage to climb on my turbo trainer and ride, going nowhere. Instead I would have procrastinated. I've been very clear about this goal, and every day it helps me to create the right actions to move towards it.

I think the key thing with the actual training though has been getting out on the road on a regular basis. Not just riding, but doing quality miles. Riding to a circuit where it's got hills and keep riding it, aiming to get up the hill faster each time. I have a few hills where I just go out and blast up, coast down, blast up etc and this is where the power seems to have come from. Riding to a destination so it's on new roads and also getting out with others and riding with them to break up the pattern.

I started the challenge 16 weeks ago at 13 stone. I'm now down to 11 stone 5. I still eat pizzas and cake, but I'm careful. I've cut down and just consider what I'm about to eat, rather than be really fussy and monitor and weigh everything (that would so bore me). With a careful diet and increase in exercise the weight has come off slowly.

So what are the stats? There's a few here and I have loads more if you're interested! Just email me, or follow me on Strava.

January - 35 hours, 547 miles - 26 sessions February - 34 hours, 531 miles - 28 sessions March - 38 hours, 773 miles - 34 sessions April - 54 hours, 915 miles - 33 sessions