What is the only thing that all Formula 1 teams and drivers want to accomplish every session, whether it’s practice, qualifying or the actual race? They want to improve. They’re forever changing things - how often to change the tyres, what tyres to use, how much fuel to carry on board and so on. Every time they learn something new and they don't always get it right, that's for certain. At least they're trying though.

So, how does this apply to marketing?

The idea here is that the Formula 1 teams don't use the same car and settings for a few years and then completely develop a new car. They tweak, they change, they replace and make sure they are consistently improving their car.

What are you doing with your website and its marketing? Are you trying different things and tweaking bits and pieces to see what works best? Let’s learn from Formula 1 and get the best we can out of our marketing to continually improve results.