We all like to think that we have very happy customers. I hope most of us do but do we know this or are we making assumptions? All too often and in many areas of life, we can all be guilty of thinking that if someone isn’t complaining then they’re happy. But of course this isn’t true.

We could all be letting our customers down by not being proactive enough and not inspiring them. Technically, if we’re doing what we’ve been asked to do, and none of the above, then we’re not doing a bad job so perhaps the customer isn’t actively complaining. But if we’re not inspiring them or doing anything more than simply our job, can we really have happy customers? At best they're probably fine or OK and even that’s an assumption.  

To make sure we’re delivering a service that we can be proud of, and we pride ourselves on our service, we frequently ask our customers what they think. Every 5 weeks in fact, when we give them the opportunity to give us a net promoter score or NPS.

If you’re not familiar with NPS it’s a very quick way for our clients to let us know what they think by rating us out of 10. 10 being thrilled, 1 being expect them to hand their notice in soon. Customers can comment if they like but they don’t have to. So if it’s all gravy, they just input a score, taking around 5 seconds of their valuable time.   

You may think every 5 weeks is a touch excessive but a lot can change in 5 weeks. We don’t want to make any assumptions about our clients' happiness. After all, it’s the backbone of our agency. Picking an uneven number of weeks also means we won't keep hitting clients at the same time of the month, running the risk of interrupting regular reporting or meeting patterns. 

The NPS score is out of 100. This is worked out by subtracting the percentage of "detractors" (those who score 0-6) from the percentage of "promoters" (scoring 9-10). 

So what’s our current NPS score? We’re proud to say it’s 91

Along with results, customer happiness is the entire purpose of our agency and something we’re extremely proud of.  We never want to shy away from knowing and sharing what our customers really think so we’ll be adding our NPS score to our website. This way you'll always know how we're doing, not just when we choose to blog about it, so watch this space or rather this score.

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