We’re delighted to be top of the Peer Poll and number three in the Elite Poll in The Drum Digital Census 2014. The research covers three main areas: financial performance, client satisfaction and the respect of peers. Only those agencies that achieved rankings in all three appeared in the Digital Census Elite table.

We want to thank everyone who helped make this happen. We often look at what our peers are doing with admiration – thinking they've produced some beautiful designs or used technology in a progressive way.  We’re bursting with pride to have it cemented that our peers hold our work in such high regard. Thank you!

We’re also thrilled to have done so well in the Financial Poll (4th) and to be recognised in the Client Poll. Ultimately, this is what it all boils down to.

Blueleaf CEO, Adrian Lomas said:

“I built up Blueleaf with a helping mentality and I have constantly strove to share and learn off peers, not fight for space in a busy industry. Ultimately, this ethos has connected me to many digital agency owners and managing directors. I see the work these people are doing and the agencies they’re building up, so I don’t take this recognition lightly. It is truly is an honour to have these talented people appreciate what we’re doing and the work we’re pioneering.

This recognition gives us even more confidence that we are doing the right thing for our clients. We feel we’re sharing this accolade with them as their trust in us and appetite to push things forward is what allows us to produce the work we do.“

Drum Digital Census
Drum Digital Census

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