We’re delighted to welcome two new Developers to the Blueleaf team - Mihail Dimov, who’s been with us for 3 months and Yuriy Boev who joined us only last month.

Browse caught up with them both to see how they’re finding Blueleaf life, what they’re working on and what experience they’re bringing to the role.

So guys, how long have you each been a Developer and what first attracted you to the profession?

Yuriy: I studied to become an Accountant as I have two masters degrees in Economics but I just wasn't passionate about it.

In my first job, they asked me to make some simple amends to their website. I attended a short HTML/CSS/JS course, caught the developing bug, became passionate about the possibility of working as a Developer and here I am today.

I now have over 12 years of experience as a Front End Developer and what’s more, I really love it.

Mihail: My interest in computers began 13 years ago. At that time, I was keen to learn more about penetration testing. My interest developed at University and deepened further in my first role as a Java Developer.

Over time my interest has grown further from there, into desktop applications then to ecommerce where I am today.

My love of ecommerce development was sped along by a close friend of mine who started his own ecommerce site, selling tyres. I worked with him and quickly started learning everything from web design to online marketing and conversion rate optimisation. I was keen to suck up the knowledge and learn everything ecommerce-related.

I switched several times between PHP-based projects and Demandware but I've always been attached to ecommerce.  

How did you stumble across Blueleaf?

Yuriy: Quite simple really, I was contacted by an agency and they said very positive things about Blueleaf. I did my own research (of course) and discovered that Blueleaf had won several ecommerce awards and they have an impressive Gold rating from Investors in people, so I thought I should give it a try and I made the move.

Mihail: I was looking for a job working on Demandware again and I didn't want to go back to the companies I’d previously worked for. Blueleaf stood out to me due to their values and unique culture.

I'd already read about the importance of company values in the Zappos handbook 'Delivering Happiness' so I was thrilled to find a company with a similar ethos. I experienced the Blueleaf culture first-hand in my interview with Pete and Adrian. It was great, so I was in.

Are we living up to your expectations?

Yuriy: I’ve found that everyone is very positive and open for suggestions. I really like the way all issues are handled, even the small ones. There’s a culture that really works for the team and delivers results for the clients.

Mihail: I’m extremely motivated in my work here. The company is honestly, more than meeting my expectations.

What do you like to do, besides developing?

Yuriy: I love to travel around the world. Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can do every day! So in my free time I like to hang out with my wife and friends. I’m a big movie fan, so whenever there is an interesting new movie we go out and watch it as soon as possible.

Mihail: Reading, hiking, travelling, working out, cooking, and generally solving a variety of problems...I don't watch much TV and movies (sorry Yuriy). I'm really curious about humans - how our everyday lives affect the way our bodies look, behave and feel. Which is great as we’re a healthy bunch here at Blueleaf.