We’re pleased to announce that we’ve managed to achieve the near-impossible; we’ve unearthed and recruited not one but two super-talented developers. We’re delighted to welcome Vincent Tom and Steve Podmore to the Blueleaf team.

Browse caught up with Blueleaf’s latest recruits to find out how they’re getting on and give you a little bit about their background.  

Firstly, over to Steve…

What's your work background?

I was quite a late starter in the development world and didn’t get into the industry until I was in my late twenties. I’m a self-taught developer and learnt pretty much everything I know solely from a passion for all things web. I've held various positions within the industry in both large and small development agencies and I've had a hand in some of the biggest comparison, insurance and travel websites in the country. Around five years ago, with the rise in popularity of client-side scripting, I turned my focus more towards front end development and user interaction and I've have been writing client-focused, usable front end code ever since.

What are your first impressions of the team?

My first impressions are that I feel like a puppy who's found their 'forever home'. Seriously, the Blueleaf team are fantastic. Many creative agencies boast about having a 'family spirit' but that is certainly true and not a cliché at Blueleaf. The company ethos and values are simple, clear and very effective. Every single member of the team is very friendly, professional and focused and passionate about both personal and client success. 

What do you think you'll bring to Blueleaf?

Hopefully a wealth of experience. I’ve been around web development for nearly ten years and I've had exposure to many different languages and practices throughout that time. Coupled with my passion for new and emerging technologies, methodologies and performance-driven code, I hope I’ll be able to bring solutions to problems and possibly alternative methods of thinking and development. 

Thanks Steve, sounds great. Now over to Vinny…

You've been here slightly longer than Steve, Vinny. How are you settling in?


I've settled in really well, I'm getting along with everybody like a house on fire (in a good way).  Although, it has been made easier for me because I already know Simon as we've worked together previously.  I also have a connection to Tom Young, which goes back around 20 years - he knows my brother, as they both attended the Northern Lawn Tennis Club in Didsbury. Small world hey! 

What have you been getting stuck in with here at Blueleaf?

I'm currently getting stuck in with the Laura Ashley work, which is great, as they're one of Blueleaf's longest-standing clients. I feel privileged to be working with them.  

I mainly provide support and enhancements on their 'Made To Order' website, which as the name suggests, is their site for bespoke products.  I work closely with Daz, Blueleaf's Head of Development and Project Manager Verity.  

These past two months have been a learning curve, getting to grips with the coding of the website and the client in general, but I feel I'm becoming a human dictionary of Laura Ashley and I'm able to produce great solutions. It's a great feeling and I'm feeling very attached already.  

What's your career background?

My first fully-fledged job was at the agency I worked at before joining Blueleaf. I was a Junior Web Developer and the first project I took on was for one of their major clients,  PureGym. At the time it was a  relatively new gym chain with roughly 8 gyms.  By the time I left they had 60 gyms and they're still growing. I have to say, I'm extremely proud of the work I did for them and hopefully, I can continue in this vein with Laura Ashley and many other projects in the future at Blueleaf.