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August has been another busy month for Blueleaf and we’re delighted to announce the arrival of not one, but two new starters! Vicky Walsh and Raj Tandon have both joined the Blueleaf team, just over a month ago. Vicky’s joined the design team, where she’ll be sharing her first-rate UX skills and Raj is working across all projects as our highly-anticipated tester. Both Vicky and Raj are helping support Blueleaf’s growing ambitions and they’ve had a big impact already.

‘Gossip’ caught up with them both to find out how they’re getting on in their new roles and to see if we’re meeting their expectations.

Vicky, we’ll start with you…

What are your first impressions of Blueleaf and is it what you expected? 

Even better than I’d ever imagined to be honest! I’d been watching Blueleaf from afar for a while and I always knew Blueleaf were the best agency to work for in the area but when you scratch under the pixels, I’ve found they are also the most caring and supportive agency too; genuinely lovely people to work with.

My first few weeks have been a great experience and have gone way too quick. I’m really looking forward to what comes next.

Other new starters tell us they get stuck in straight away. What have you been working on? 

Lots and lots. I’ve been spending time on a new top secret project for a major client and I’ve just started working on the visuals for Energy Helpline, which I’m loving and it means I can work alongside the lovely Christie (our London-based project manager).

What are you hoping to bring to the role?

I think the biggest thing I’ll bring to the role will definitely be my baking. The guys have already experienced my pop-cakes and brownies and I’m sure the requests will continue to flood in. Apart from that I think I’ll bring my constant Positive Mental Attitude to pretty much everything I do, as well as my willingness to help and try new things. That and my love of trello boards of course!

Thanks Vicky, we’re pleased you’re enjoy it so much. Raj, over to you…

What made you want to join the Blueleaf team?

The moment I walked into the Blueleaf office I knew this was an exciting place to work. The team’s very close and that’s something that I wanted to be part of. I’m very passionate about technology and so are the Blueleaf team, so it’s been easy to fit right in. I would definitely say Blueleaf is living up to my expectations.

What will you be doing at Blueleaf?

My role will be focused 100% on testing. The team at Blueleaf have never had a full-time tester before, so it’s great to be able to put my stamp on this.

My role requires me to be versatile as I’ll test lots of different projects, ranging from script writing to bug-raising for the development team to fix. This means there’ll be constant improvements to our client’s websites.

What's your background and what will you bring to the role?

I have a number of years’ experience as a tester, working for some large organisations mainly in the banking sector, including Barclays, HSBC and First Direct. Being honest, testing wasn’t something I necessary set out to do but when I got my first tester job I realised I really enjoy it and wanted to make a career out of it.

I hope to bring enthusiasm into the team. I’m hard working and love to work with new and exciting people. I’ll also bring a keen eye for detail. My goal is simply to help make our clients websites, the best they can be.