Valentin has recently joined our development team and as is usual, we subject newbies to some intense questioning! Read on to find out what made him want to work at Blueleaf and what his first few days have been like.

So Valentin, how long have you been a developer and what first attracted you to the profession?

I've been a developer for about two and half years. The thing that got me started was a Christmas tree that I printed on command prompt whilst in high school, I remember it clearly!

What made you want to work at Blueleaf?

I find Blueleaf a really open-minded company with great ideas and opportunities. They care very much for their employees and their clients.

Are we living up to your expectations?

Definitely! I would not be writing this if I didn't think so!

What do you like to do, besides developing?

I like to hang out with my friends and to headbang at metal concerts. I also like to participate in different sports and I'm constantly improving myself and getting out of my comfort zone.