In February two new members joined the team, Janine Evans and Kate Welch. Chief Bean Counter and Head Cheerleader respectively (ok, so we’ve hired a Head of Finance and a Marketing Manager). Rather than corner them on their first day and ask them their favourite food,  we thought we’d let them settle in and then get their honest thoughts on how they’ve found the move. Janine, you’ve worked for numerous agencies, how does Blueleaf compare?

It’s exactly how I expected it to be!  Let’s face it, being a “bean counter” isn’t always the most exciting role, but when you get to work in agencies, surrounded by talented creative people, it makes such a difference.  And Blueleaf sure lives up to my expectations.

What are you hoping to bring to the role and what made you want to join the team?

Clarity, understanding, visibility and lots of profit!  I have recently moved to Cheshire after living in London for many years.  It was a big decision and before I moved, I did my homework on the agencies in the area that I wanted to work for and Blueleaf was top of the ladder. With clients like Red Bull and Laura Ashley, they were big players and I wanted to be a part of it.

What changes are we going to see in the next three months?

Tighter processes, slicker systems and just basically a much more informed and aware agency.

Over to Kate...

You’ve always worked in house, how are you finding the transition to agency?

It was a big decision but ultimately I was drawn to the creativity and the office culture that I’d experienced when working with Blueleaf.  I was also attracted to the variety; already I’m blogging, tweeting, planning  events and meeting loads of new people.

Why now, Why Blueleaf?

I felt ready. I’ve built up the right skills and I feel I’m in a position to make a difference (cheesy). I’m excited to see the results.  I specifically choose Blueleaf because they’ve very clear and structured. Cheesy again but they give more than the bare minimum back, one example of this is they pay overtime which is unheard of in agencies. They’re just genuinely nice people who care about the team’s happiness.

What are you going to bring to the role?

Thought-leadership. There is so much behind-the-scenes talent in this office I want to shout about it. I also want us to learn from others.  In my humble opinion the digital industry’s thriving because of the sharing nature of digital communities.