We’re delighted to welcome two new developers into the Blueleaf family, Gancho Danailov and Miroslav Petrov. They joined the team just over a month ago, both specialists in Magento development. We’re excited to have them on board and are looking forward to delivering more first-rate Magento projects.

In typical 'Browse' tradition we’ve caught up with the guys about life, Blueleaf and developing. Here’s our Q&A:

We understand you're a bit of a team. How long have you been working together and what projects or retailers have you worked on?

Miroslav: Yes that's true. It all started 5 years ago when we were at University. We worked on projects together as a team; us and some of the other students. It was very collaborative and we enjoyed working that way.  

After graduation, I started working for an agency and a position opened for a front-end developer. I immediately thought of Gancho so I recommended him and he got the job.  I had some experience with Magento already so I trained Gancho up further on Magento and that was that, once again we were working together. 

We've continued to work together for around 18 months now and in our collaboration we've developed numerous retail eCommerce sites on Magento, mostly for retailers in the UK.

What are your specialist skills and what do you hope to bring to Blueleaf?

Miroslav: I feel my specialist skills are mostly related to Magento back-end development but I'm interested in the whole process of creating successful eCommerce websites so it's the combination of Magento and eCommerce that really makes me tick and gives me my focus. 

Gancho: I’m passionate about what I do, and I think (hope) this leads me to be great at what I do, which is front-end development. My passion is what drives me to push myself and keep on top of new innovations and shiny new technologies. In terms of what I can to bring to Blueleaf, I hope to offer fresh ideas and share my specialist Magento knowledge.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves. What do you get up to when you're not working?

Miroslav: When I'm not working I do the usual stuff; hangout with friends or go to the gym. I also like playing football. If ever I have a bit of time off, I like to travel, specifically within Bulgaria where I'm from. 

Gancho: I love travelling too and if there's ever the opportunity go anywhere in the world I’m always up for it. I enjoy adventures and meeting new and interesting people. I’m also interested in the rather large topic of the Universe. I want to understand what it’s all about so I try to read or watch every single post or video about new research. On a lighter note, I also like swimming and I try to swim at least twice a week.

Got a Magento project for Gancho and Miroslav to get their teeth stuck into? If so, why not get in touch for a chat 01829 260 600 or hello@blue-leaf.co.uk