Aleksandar is the newest addition to our development team and as is customary with newbies, we caught up with him and asked him what made him want to work at Blueleaf and what his first few days have been like.

So Aleksandar, how long have you been a developer and what first attracted you to the profession?

I've been a professional web developer for about a year now. When I was younger, I learnt about the web and built small static sites - it was fascinating and engaging for me but my life took a different path and I began my Major in Law. At the end, when I graduated, I began an internship in the Ministry of Interior, a government office in Bulgaria. I realised though that this job did not suit me, as everything happened too slowly. I began to study again about coding and after a few months, I found my first job as a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer.

What made you want to work at Blueleaf?

I prefer to work in a small team with clear objectives where everyone has a friendly attitude. My brother works for Blueleaf and shared that it's a great company with great people and a great atmosphere.

Are we living up to your expectations?

It's very early days as I've only just started this week! I am motivated to become a strong part of the team who I see know how to code and how to have fun.

What do you like to do, besides developing?

When I have a few free days I love going to the Black Sea coast, visiting my parents and my friends and taking part in watersports like windsurfing and diving. When I'm staying in Sofia, I just like to go out with friends.