If you’re an avid reader of ‘Gossip’, our monthly newsletter, then you’ll know we’ve been announcing lots of new starters – it’s been a very busy time. Well this month is no exception; and we’re delighted to welcome Chris Jolley to our development team. Chris has been with us for a month and I have to say he’s settled in extremely well. From encouraging the team to shun the office treats in favour of a lunchtime run, to suggesting new marketing ideas and inspirations, all in all we’re excited to have Chris on board.

But how does Chris feel? We caught up with him to find out how he’s settling in.

So Chris, what's your background and what will you be doing at Blueleaf?

After graduating in Computer Science at the University of Chester, I worked at a number of great digital agencies in the North West and have had a wealth of responsibilities relating to both front-end and back-end development, platform administration, as well as plenty of experience helping clients to achieve their online goals. This background all stems from an enthusiasm for all things 'IT' when I was younger, from typing up program listings on my Acorn Electron when I was very small, to writing music with computers - as well as the obligatory misspent youth playing games!

At Blueleaf, I'm helping the development team and working with Darryl - our head of development - in order to continue to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients, who I'm delighted to find out are all fantastic. 

What do you think you'll bring to the team?

Besides experience that goes beyond code, I hope to be a versatile asset to the team by applying my innate 'need' to solve problems and create solutions. But my main focus is on coding practices and adherence to our standards of quality, while learning about and applying plenty of concepts and approaches that are at least in part new to me as a developer. 

I'm also keen on innovation, and always have an eye on recent and new developments whether they are in the CMS, Ecommerce, Mobile, or other important and related spheres - a mentality that seems to be a common factor within the Blueleaf team through and through.

I'm also determined to get a few of the team joining me for my (now regular) quick-fire lunchtime runs around the local lanes, though whether this is something I'm ultimately thanked for remains to be seen! 

What's impressed you (or not) since you started?

I think that above everything that's leapt out at me, the most important words here are ethos and environment. I'm genuinely impressed by the levels of support, diligence, dedication and approachability of everybody here. Adrian, Rob and everybody else involved at the higher levels are not only driven by and towards success but are also clearly extremely passionate about what they do. It's clear after only a short while that there is a wealth of strategic planning and goal-setting going on and it's great to see how openly that is shared and demonstrated. 

Negatives? Well, I honestly don't have any! Other than perhaps the fact that people keep leaving birthday (and other) food on the desk adjoining mine. I think I'm sat in the best spot in the office in that regard but it's also a double-edged sword...I will have to seriously up my running commitment!