We're delighted to introduce you to our latest Blueleafer, Junior Project Manager Becky Harrison. Becky has been with the team since the beginning of December last year and she's doing a cracking job.  In this article we catch up with Becky to find out how she's finding it here at Blueleaf. Over to Becky...

What’s your career background?

A mixture! I'm a fresh graduate of History and Communications Studies at University of Liverpool, which has provided me with great insight into analytical research, and the world of media as a business. I have also spent time in the retail sector as Customer Assistant for a pharmaceutical chain. This was a specialist and adaptive role; from healthcare and operations, to photographic and electrical beauty sales (so not a lot really!).

Being a Customer Assistant is where I really had to consider the customer, the customer experience and how best to deliver that. Before starting this role, I gained work experience within a global publisher’s communications team. During this work experience, I implemented my media knowledge into external and internal communications plans, focusing on press releases, newsletters and Twitter feeds. 

How are you settling in and what are your first impressions of the team?

Being the newbie to the team always seems quite daunting. Yet, on my first day, I knew the Blueleaf team were different. Everyone was so welcoming. I had been given my own personalised induction and training programme, a welcome card signed by all of the team, and plenty of time to really get to know each and every one of them over plenty of cups of coffee. Ever since that first day, it has been the same welcoming atmosphere. The unique thing about Blueleaf is the people who work here. They're hardworking and driven professionals who genuinely care and look after each other.

What attracted you to the role?

Where do I begin? As Junior Project Manager, communication is vital. Communication, whether to clients, the colleagues next to me, or through other platforms, has always been a passion of mine (particularly as I have a buzz for languages). So, I knew that a job where communication is key would be ideal for me. Regarding the other elements of the role, Blueleaf has provided me with an exceptional three-month training programme which has included "sprints" for me to build up my digital, management and leadership skills.  

Blueleaf itself stood out significantly with its exceptional achievements and endless number of clients, including Laura Ashley and Red Bull.  Blueleaf's company values were also something I'd never seen before. Values include 'good communicator' (of course) and 'embrace a fun and family spirit' as well as 'focused on client success'. The other motivator was that ecommerce is unquestionably the future of customer experience, so I really wanted to get stuck in and represent this industry.

What will you bring to Blueleaf?

As Junior Project Manager, I have to be adaptable and driven, which thankfully,  I am. Drive is essential to Blueleaf's success as an ecommerce agency. As PM I'll help bring everything together:  the scoping, the design, the development, and the finalisation of all client and internal projects. In addition, I'll provide Blueleaf with proactive and supportive communication skills (those communication skills again) with an ever-expanding awareness of the retail industry. As the baby of Blueleaf, I have an open mind! I'm currently in the early stages of managing ecommerce projects and having a clear, open mind has allowed me to quickly and effectively focus my learning and ongoing training towards the requirements of our numerous clients. I'm incredibly grateful for the position that I am in, which I have worked hard for; it's great to be part of such an amazing team.