“Thanks so much to everyone for their support and sponsorship for our 333 Challenge last month.

You may have noticed that we finished it! What a great event - a lot of people were tracking us live which really helped us to keep going, as did the sponsorship money many of you kindly helped with.

In case you have not seen, there are some photos on our site at www.blue-leaf.co.uk/333. The website also has some stats from the event.

The event went really well - long, long days with up to 20 hours of full-on activity on the longest day. The last day on Loch Lomond took longer than planned due to the strong wind generating very choppy kayaking conditions. This put us behind schedule; so much so that we didn't make it to the start of Ben Nevis until 8pm. This however did add to the experience as we climbed to the top with no other people around (understandably) and a very clear sky, full moon, and remnants of the setting sun still in view. Mixed with the snow-capped top, it made a very emotional finish due to the fact that as a combined group we have raised over £8,000 for the North West Cancer Research Fund. Something we are really proud to have achieved.

Thank you all once again.”