The whole team here at Blueleaf were shocked to hear that our MD had had his beloved bike stolen, especially as it was the bike he’d used during the whole Tour de France event he’s just completed. He managed to cover 3,500 km in France without so much as a puncture and it was really disappointing to hear that on the first event back in the UK, his bike was stolen. He was at the Tour of Britain Ride at Trentham Gardens and two guys in cycling clothes rode off from outside the toilets. They were seen on video camera riding out of the park and turning left and parts of the bikes were later found further down the road, presumably where the bikes had been put into a vehicle.

It’s a sad story and a warning to anyone riding events like this, where you usually feel safe as you are with like-minded people. But the amazing thing to come out of this sad situation is the coverage it’s received on social media. The story has been widely circulated on channels such as Facebook and Twitter, with Adrian’s Klout score increasing (a Klout score represents your influence and the more influential you are, the higher your Klout score).

There’s no news yet on the return of Adrian’s bike, despite the story being shared far and wide. What is heartwarming though is the support received – it just goes to show that if you have a message that captures people’s hearts, that message can go a long way.

Written by Adrian Lomas