Welcome to Blueleaf's UXpert, our regular look at UX that could improve your website for users and ultimately deliver increased conversion rates. This week, we're talking about payment localisation.

What's the problem?

How users pay for things online varies around the world in terms of what options users expect to see and also which are the most popular. For example, in the UK we all expect to see debit/credit cards and PayPal as our main options. In Germany, over 40% of online orders are made via open invoice, where the user pays for goods after receiving them. In the Netherlands, around 70% of online orders are paid for via bank transfer during checkout.

What's the solution?

You should localise your site to accept the most appropriate payment methods for your users' countries and also display them in the correct priority order. Take a pragmatic approach to this by starting with the countries that you primarily sell to.

What could the benefit be?

Taking payment is the absolutely critical part of all ecommerce customer journeys. If you don't give users the options they expect, you risk them going to a competitor with a localised site and their trust in you will be diminished.

I hope you found this useful – if you have any questions on this or anything else to do with UX, please do message me.

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