Welcome to Blueleaf's UXpert, our regular look at UX that could improve your website for users and ultimately deliver increased conversion rates. This week, we're going to look at mobile list page layout.

What's the problem?

You have limited space on a mobile list page, so how do you get the right balance of showing off your products "big and beautiful" versus allowing users to scroll through them quickly to find what they want?

What's the solution?

Realistically with the width available, you can either choose a single or double column layout for your mobile list page. Data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud clients shows that double column provides the optimal balance of displaying products well whilst allowing users to scroll through them quickly.

What could the benefit be?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud's data showed that 75% of users scrolled to the last row of products on a double column mobile list page, versus just 50% of users on a single column layout. They also reported an astonishing 37% higher add to basket rate for double column layouts.

I hope you found this useful – if you have any questions on this or anything else to do with UX, please do message me.

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