Welcome to Blueleaf's UXpert, our regular look at UX that could improve your website for users and ultimately deliver increased conversion rates. This week, we're talking about address form localisation.

What's the problem?

If your ecommerce site trades globally, your users could be anywhere in the world needing to enter their delivery and billing addresses. Not all address formats are the same though!

What's the solution?

You should consider how your address forms appear to users, based on the country they choose for delivery in checkout. Formats vary around the world, so it's essential that form fields are correct and laid out in the right order. For example, some countries are heavily postcode/zipcode led, others not at all. Densely populated countries often have apartment, floor number and building number and of course there are all sorts of variations on counties, states and provinces.

What could the benefit be?

Ensuring that your address forms are designed correctly for localised formats reduces frustration for users and also gives confidence that you can deliver globally.

I hope you found this useful – if you have any questions on this or anything else to do with UX, please do message me.

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