Blueleaf UX Director, Chris Jones is not only a nice guy, he's also a very talented user experience expert. During his 20-year career he's worked in a number of design-related roles for major agencies, delivering results for an array of international retailers. Chris has shared his knowledge, thoughts and experiences at a number of conferences internationally from London to New York to Romania.

So it's no surprise that he's been asked to top the bill once again. This March and April Chris will jetset across Europe to inspire our neighbours into producing better design, more considered customer journeys and of course, to help his audience improve their ecommerce sales.

22nd March, E-Commerce Conference, Cyprus:
The Importance of Customer Journeys

If you’re clever enough to speak Greek, you can visit the conference website here. If not, read on.

This conference is about helping the ecommerce community in Cyprus grow and perfect their websites. This is one of the only ecommerce-focused conferences in Cyprus and they expect the audience to visit from across neighbouring countries. We’re honoured that Chris has been chosen to be one of their international speakers.

Chris will ask the audience to consider how well their ecommerce website caters for customers and their unique needs. In his presentation he will look at customer journeys in detail – how to map one out, why you should spend time understanding yours and the benefits it will bring to the business.

Unfortunately, we can't all make it to the Cyprus sunshine, so we asked Chris to share some thoughts ahead of the conference on why he picked this topic and what he thinks he’ll give the audience.

“Customer experience is becoming ever more important in ecommerce as a way to differentiate your service or products from your competitors. It's no longer good enough to offer a great ecommerce experience in isolation – you must also consider how this ties in with other areas of your business such as stores, delivery and returns. By looking at the whole business, you can create a high quality, cohesive service that will get your customers coming back for more.

21st April TeCOMM, Bucharest: 
What Makes A World-Class Ecommerce Business

Chris will share his thoughts on why customer experience is the backbone to any world-class ecommerce business. He'll share tangible and proven advice on how to create an exceptional user experience, showcasing examples of retailers that are doing mind-blowing things in this area. After Chris’s talk, attendees will have clarity on what makes an exceptional user experience and feel inspired to tackle anything that's blocking this on their site.

Phew, sounds like a very valuable talk - as we're not all off to Bucharest this April, we asked Chris to give us an insight into this talk.

“I’ll be walking the audience through inspiring examples of best-in-class customer experience and how retailers are differentiating themselves by looking at their business as a whole and joining up their channels. Customers don’t see channels, they just see a brand, a product or a service and judge that retailer on the experience they receive, regardless of the channel.”

Keep your eyes peeled on our blog as once Chris has delivered his talks, we'll bring you the highlights from the conferences and further insights from his presentations. In the meantime, if you want to talk to us about User Experience, why not get in touch via email or on 01829 260 600