So here we go with week two of my training plan. Click to view it here Adrian Lomas TDF training Week 2 I'm tired already and eating more but losing weight which is a bonus. My aim is to get to just under 11 stone when I start the trip. The lighter I am, the better. Every extra pound of weight going up those hills is extra weight to be carried and it really does make a difference. No point having a light bike if its laden with a fat bloater riding it :-)

I did my longest session ever on a turbo today, 2.5 hours. The only way I got through it was by watching the heart monitor and the speed cadence, power and time outputs. How sad is that!

It's quite engaging to see how the figures change subject to your input, especially when changing pace. I was doing 2 mile sessions flat out, then resting, then 1 mile sessions flat out, then dropping down to sprints. When I'd finished I looked a bit like a cowboy without a horse!